I would like us to reimagine the possibilities together. With an effective, resourceful, and transformative leader who believes we should all “Lift as we climb”, we all win.


Improve access to quality, affordable health care, including mental health care


Stand up to those who try to take away women’s right to choose


Ensure every child gets a world-class education and raise teacher pay


Tackle the gun violence epidemic

From good jobs, to stronger schools, and better infrastructure, we need to build a Virginia where families aren’t just scraping by, but thriving. Natalie is running for Delegate to fight for the needs of Prince William and Fairfax families.


Invest in 21st century solutions to fix traffic bottlenecks that plague Northern Virginia


Promote and protect the right for collective bargaining and repealing right-to-work

Get things done

Natalie will reach across the aisle to get things done for the district and to deliver results for all Virginia families.

As for my WHY…

Well, I have a few reasons as to why I am running to represent the people of HD-19. As the third generation of women in my family to enter public service in Virginia, I know what Virginians are facing and what it takes to deliver for them— and having the fortitude to stand up to these far right extremist bullies masquerading as public servants in Richmond. I was, and still am, personally offended that select legislators here in the Commonwealth presume to know what is best for women. I will help to ensure our bodily autonomy remains intact, and that here in Virginia, we have more rights than a gun! You can’t be hard on crime, and soft on guns, it doesn’t work that way!

My stance on the issues:

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Access to Affordable Healthcare

Our reproductive freedom, access to affordable healthcare and abortion rights state-wide should not be up for debate, and I will not cede an inch of ground on what is a basic human right to choose. Not only is it no one’s business as to what we discuss with our doctors, but also, this is an extremely personal and sensitive topic for me and millions of others across the Commonwealth.

Education (Teacher Pay, Ed Equity)

When it comes to education, we don’t need a little change, we need monumental, structural, transformative change. I believe the national pay average is a good start, but not nearly enough to appropriately compensate our teachers considering how imperative their roles are in educating Virginia’s children. They are literally holding our futures in their hands and when teachers aren’t stressed due to outside circumstances that more often than not are financial in nature, the quality of education improves and is injected with more care and consideration when molding these young minds. How can we expect teachers to provide the world-class education our children deserve, if they’re worried about paying their bills and putting food on the table? In addition, I will strive to decrease classroom sizes by adding teachers aides to classrooms with more than 15 students, as countless children suffer from COVID learning loss— as well as students that suffer from ADD/ADHD and are falling through the cracks, all while our teachers are stretched thin with overcrowded classrooms and increased workloads here in PWC and Fairfax Counties.

Traffic & Infrastructure in PWC & Fairfax Counties

Traffic and infrastructure in PWC & Fairfax Counties are some of the worst conditions in the nation. We need 21st century transportation solutions to resolve the extensive bottlenecking and multiple chokepoints we face here in Northern Virginia. Its challenges are felt on the daily, (hourly) by a great many here in the Commonwealth. I have already begun conversations with local and state officials and organizations as to how to best approach expanding the Metro and BRT to and through Woodbridge— which will assuredly alleviate the congestion along the I-95 corridor. Commuting isn’t just rough on our cars and wallets at the pump, it is also time away from our families.

Housing Affordability

I want to address our Housing Affordability crisis by crafting legislation that increases income based housing in lower income areas, and dismantle the strongholds select corporations have on our communities, monopolizing the area and slowly raising rents in the process. Effectively freezing low earning families out of the market.

Cleaner Energy

We have an obligation to protect our environment and to do this, we must protect our natural resources, and more high emission vehicles aren’t the answer. 

We must lower greenhouse gas emissions by further incentivizing manufacturers to produce more energy efficient cars, trucks, products and materials— as well as taking on the task of updating building codes and mandate criteria that supports this initiative. For developers to use and install Energy star rated materials. Also, as a part of the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, there were tax credits extended to incentivize energy efficiency in order to achieve this very goal.

You see, I am a negotiator, a problem solver and a way maker— both by nature and by profession as a finance professional.

By voting Natalie Shorter for Delegate on June 20th, you’re voting for someone who is a coalition builder and someone who will build bridges that connect problems to solutions! You’re voting to ensure the plight of the people are being placed over politics. And you’re also voting against the exclusionary, heavy handed Republican majority in the House who claim to believe in limited government, yet impose draconian unconstitutional measures contrary to that belief.

So, what do you think…are you with me? Because I will stand shoulder to shoulder with you and take your voices with me to Richmond, I just need your help getting there. Let’s win back the House, together!

VOTE Natalie Shorter for Delegate on June 20th, 2023

Early voting begins May 5, 2023